smell ya later! ☺

margate cupcake cafe, 2014
while you're reading this, i'm in the UK, enjoying english pastures, not considering the english' ridiculous brexit move and scheming up an itinerary or two.

margate, lido sands, 2014
i'm in margate. i will be walking into broadstairs on tuesday. i will most probably be visiting canterbury, before i travel back up to london. 
margate, dreamland, 2014. recently reopened
it's my last 2017 proper holiday. i'm keeping my promise to avoid summer travel, as to elude a probable heat wave, and just stay inside if temperatures rise intolerably. 

margate, shore, 2014
one exception: i will be attending the summer gathering, the one that came out of the late drawing challenges. this may well happen in germany. 

margate, shore, 2014
we've yet to settle a date, it's a whole undertaking which demands careful planning. like organising an original sleep over, but the adult way. 

thanet map
the weather forecast is reasonably good. let's just take it as it comes. cheerio, everyone. back before long.  

AC | rituals and routine{s}

sweet 16. probably
i grew up in a family where a weekly schedule of cleaning house, kitchen chores and garden pleasures ran riot. i didn't appreciate much of it as a child, but i find a bunch of rituals stuck to me. apart from my own, naturally. 

morning sun
quite late in life, i find, i understand that rituals are necessary besides sensible. in times of trouble, it is a ritual that can save our skin. when overjoyed i've fallen prone to that well known ritual of drinking, to one's health. 

train ride; guess where i'm heading soon? 
i wake up in the morning and i sit down to post my instagram entry of the day. i dabble a little, get ready for an office morning and am on my way, same seat on the train, sometimes earphones, mostly not. 

brussels, rue blaes
i try to read, but what's the use. my office day is cut by lunch break, which i try to have outside the office. when it rains, i stay inside, drink my soup, eat my salad, make a walk inside the building. 

evenings i cook supper, put on pj's, go to the studio for an hour, then telly and watch, often listen, to a series or a movie. i do some sketching, or painting. i hang out on my cell phone, come and say hi to y'all. 

coffee at philominius, aalst
on days off from work, my schedule differs greatly. i go for a walk, do the house in the mornings and after lunch i'm in the studio. i come back down to the kitchen and get some stuff ready, usually a few days coming. 

home. sunday morning
weekends are kind of holy, which is an interesting word. saturdays are my favourite. as a child mum ploughed away on the hand operated washing machine; the sweet, heady scented smell of that washing boiling...  

antiques shop on rue blaes, brussels. same house number! ☻
sundays are quite sacred too. i like to share a walk with a friend, or do absolutely zilch (i like that). mostly though practiced schedules of mixing chores and play. i find duties a necessary evil, i try and avoid them. 

flowers in the street
i seem to repeat those seven days and find the classification satisfying. i also love breaking it all up into not doing any of it and wait till the routine filters back in. because it always does. it's a trusty animal. 

bathroom wall, awaiting finishing plastering touches
i have of course forgotten to mention SO many of my usuals, but generally this is pretty much what it grinds down to, and like i said, happy about it. i tend to slow down in aging. i am curious to find out about yours:  stefanieveronicatammiesharmoncarolesabine, annton, roberto, melodye, renee, ... 
ps - health restored, my computer still on the blink. must. get. a. new. one. ...