accidental {purple} heart
intentions are a loose matter. as i plan to stick to a schedule, i trip. is it my ego, my restlessness, my wants playing up? i know this is how it is, and that's all good. and then,  the little things move me. 

forget-me-not, for our late cat neko
preparing my september exhibition proofs to be quite the challenge. i've moved away from my initial ideas. i am pretty certain i'll stick to drawing, erm, house façades. (do check out my IG, for i'm warming up, right now). 
i sat staring at these blossoms earlier today
i smile as i write this, for who's reading my woes anyway? my blogspot has really become a personal {public} diary only. oh, how social media are on the go. i might have to rethink the concept a little.  

and these sit in brussels central station, at the mo'
industry makes happy though. and so i work. and i work a little harder. and i stick to a new scheme, like so many of you do. because sticking to the scheme is one way to get things done. 

ostend 'the crystal ship' street art festival
so here's my update for this week. i'm adding a few more street art images from Ostend. Oh what a fine day that was, walking in the sea breeze, feeling the sun warming our skin. laughing, sitting down, perusing. 

ostend, railway station inside roof
most of all, reveling at what these exciting street artists accomplish, on a scale i can but admire. i mean, i feel an artisan at the best of times, but i'm no artist of that calibre. so. not. and that's fine. ☺

ostend 'the crystal ship' street art festival
in the end, what is art, what does it stand for? | is it necessary; do we get better by it; and is it the gist of life; and do we need it; and is it confrontational? || yes. and yes. and yes, yes. oh, and please yes! in that order. 

have a glorious weekend and a beautiful week ahead. ♥

all senses

traveling down to southern europe prooved eventful. from alarming train strikes in france, leading to inconvenient route changes, through withering help desk assistance (language barrier) and little sleep...

... to finally reaching my destination, settling in, smelling valencia, walking streets of the 'hood for the first time, blinking at the sudden southern light, feeling the warmth, kissing the wind, expecting, ah

i pinched my forearm that first afternoon, before sharpishly submitting to walking my feet in the ground and riding my bike through Tùria park lanes, looking up, looking down, hearing, oh,...  the noise!

the ring road traffic underneath my apartment windows, the valencians' incessant natter into their phones or shouts across alleys, the clanging of delivery and garbish vans and the screech of passing mopeds.

also. the low toned peal of cathedral bells, the deeming sound of sea waves crushing on a barely visible shoreline, the ancient town market stalls' criers, the silence of darkness in stowed away thruways.  

then the persistent sweet fragrance of orange blossoms everywhere around you. the rustling, wavy waft of stately palm trees that literally seem to be sprouting up from pavement corners.

letting it all wash over you as you walk, not talk (for you don't speak nor understand valéncian), listening in however, for imminent future reference of those sweet events to pass by, always too soon.

sun will be shining around here this weekend. we live in hope and have a jolly one. ♥ 
for those wanting a little {more} sight seeing, here's where it's at

meh, and snap

estació del nord
picking up after a holiday is meh, even if you don't expect it. especially if you don't expect it. and with a temperature drop of about 15°C it's chilling, even. the good thing about a short break however...

palm trees! i am so smitten by palm trees now... 
... is, for me anyway, i come back with a clean canvas in my head. so blank i've completely forgotten about any appointment or agreement i should have recently made. it's ALL a blank and i might need a reboot. 

ciutat de les arts i les ciències

i've only just now realized i didn't take my best camera to valencia, having gotten used so well to the light weight and user friendliness of my mobile phone with a built in camera lens of the refutable kind. 

retrospective exhibition of artist okuda san miguel in el carme cultural center

my travel ease was guaranteed, but my snap shots disappoint. i had expected it a bit, i am surprised anyway. whilest images look pleasing on social media, they show their inadequate pixelation hard in photoshop.

aw. man holes. when looking down, you find all sorts of, well, beauty

will you then just bear with me, for what it's worth? i'm working on a small series for my flick library to whom it may concern and i will link that up here when it's done. for now, i've been able to secure a few in this post. ☻

enjoy the weekend. man, it's cold here. holidays after Easter for you? enjoy! ♥

la tierra de las flores

oh. i'm away from home. means i've written this post beforehand, while i was anticipating. in the meantime you may have found my IG and facebook entries. yes. in spain. no rain. well plain. and holiday.

what i hope to find is peace of mind, soft wind, spring sunshine, different people, a language mostly alien to me, good food, a bit of local brews, no alarm clock, sea shore, architecture, distraction. 

errrrm, where'd that come from...
i think that mix will work. the online bookings i've made so far are promising. i'll be staying in a studio, just off jardines del turia, in ciutat vella (old town). since i can't make the journey in one single go...

... i'll be stopping over twice in barcelona too. long time no see, and the time provided in barcelona is very limited, but maybe an evening stroll, an afternoon leisurely walk, possibly a meet up with jane? 

anyway. since i'm feeling quite chirpy, in the mood and generally elated, i am joining a few cunning scenes from a wordy collage. maybe i'll continue the song title into de la luz y del amor. here's me hoping.

from the city above, i greet thee and wish you a splendid weekend 
and a promising week ahead. ♥

what dreams may ...

finally coming round to using up vintage images scraps

as a matter of a tiny project, and to keep the creative stream streaming, i found myself cutting and pasting early last week, all the while wondering where it would lead me. well, it lead me up the hill! 
geraardsbergen, oudenberg, kapel

i remember feeling at crossroads with myself, dilly-dallying, so next i saw myself cutting into vintage flower images. because i needed a hill of grass land, really. and so. 

detail on its side from manneken pis (see below)

before long i felt on a roll, thinking up local scenery, asking myself, can i cut it, and next meaningfully piecing small snippets together. because i can only do this when i have an objective. 
geraardsbergen, oudenberg, chapel and pond
like, perhaps, framing an image in my camera? i don't know. the details are leading me, and there it is, a stylized image that makes me quite ecstatic indeed, seemingly popping up from, well, where?  
geraardsbergen, manneken pis in progress
as a means of distraction, this cutting and pasting does a fine enough trick, offering almost instantaneous gratification (not counting the hours). i'm always in for variation. now, am i looking at greeting cards, i wonder?